Collecting Vintage Clothing

Vintage pieces are really fun to collect. This hobby has grown significantly over the last ten years, and will grow in the future. People have many reasons to collect vintage pieces. Some people collect vintage ads to form an art work collection, other people consider vintage pieces as an investment. Many people consider vintage collections as a good way to remember their early years. Some people collect pieces related to a company, such as Disney ads.

It is possible to acquire vintage pieces simply purchasing from flea markets, garage sales or any other venues. This is a cost less way to acquire vintage pieces; the disadvantage is that this method is less targeted. If you want to collect specific pieces, you must find a way to purchase them directly. There are specialized stores, auctions, online stores and, of course, eBay.

The collections can be stored or displayed in many ways. People can use vintage pieces as decorations for their homes or offices. A high selection of vintage clothing is also a good investment; you can buy from the past and invest in your future. Vintage clothes are classic, timeless, and almost all are wearable today. Classics are characterized by enduring fabrics and wonderful shapes. Only the most expensive clothes have today the same qualities. Blazers and jackets are falling in this category; soft sweaters from 1940s or bodysuits of the 1960s, chemises dresses of the 1950s, prince skirts of the 1980s are classics.

People collect ads, dolls, clothes, statures, paintings and other kind of pieces. . Vintage dolls, for example, come from a large variety of materials, such as hard plastic or bisque porcelain, in all shapes, colors and sizes. The most popular seems to be porcelain dolls from the Victorian era, the value of a doll depends on hair conditions, body condition and clothes condition too. The face composition of a doll less than perfect decreases its value. It is also very important to determine the real age of a doll; during the years, many reproductions have been created. Specialists find the real age of a doll studying its body. An authentic body of a doll presents signs that can’t be reproduced on a new doll.

Specialists also find where and when a piece of vintage; if possible, they also find who made the vintage piece. Authentic pieces of vintage have the manufacturer’s name somewhere. These tips help people recognize the value of a vintage piece. Even unmarked vintage pieces can be identified when the collector feels he found a valuable vintage piece. It is not easy to learn how to recognize intricacies; your efforts will be rewarded! Never forget the quality and condition of a vintage piece and take rarity into consideration too.

There are no fixed rules when you find a rare vintage pieces to value it; if the pieces are cared for properly and their main characteristics are intact, the vintage piece is deserve to be considered. Vintage pieces are never out of style. Imagine how fun can be to collect Teddy bears! The teddy bear dates back to early 1900, when President Teddy Roosevelt spared a bear’s life. Morris Mitchtom’s wife handmade several toy bears decorated with black button eyes. With Eduard Roosevelt’s blessing, they were dubbed “Teddy’s bears.” In the same time, Steiff has begun producing bears in Germany. Americans imported several bears in the US and there bears are now considered as real treasures. New and old bears are collectible, but remember that Steiff bears are the most valuable, because Steiff has been producing teddy bears for over 100 years. A Steiff bear with a black button in ear (sign of its originality) made in 1906, can be found at $1,224.

Another efficient way to find valuable vintage pieces is to use catalogs; rare vintage pieces, such as woodworking machineries, or sewing machines, are easier to recognize using there catalogs. It is also interesting to collect vintage linen (the term is generally used for the fabrics for domestic use). You can find linen at many antique dealers; they probably removed stains and carefully prepared the pieces to look as attractive as possible. It is also possible to find beautiful attractive linen at garage sales or other similar events.

Collecting vintage pieces is a beautiful hobby and anyone can afford to get into. Vintage pieces are generally low cost. Nobody can deny that vintage pieces are fun to collect and a very good investment for the future.

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