How to Shop for Vintage Clothes Online

If after sifting through the racks of your local vintage stores you still arrive home empty-handed, there’s no need to despair. Just take a seat in front of your computer and check out the huge collections of vintage clothes for sale the World Wide Web has to offer. Not only will you find nostalgic ‘70s hip huggers, but also Edwardian blouses and Victorian lace gowns to thrill your senses.

The online vintage clothes shops have come a long way from 10 or 15 years ago, when you could find vintage clothes only on auction sites. Today, there are specialized vintage clothing stores which provide customers which authentic and beautifully restored items from all decades. Luxurious, high quality colors and fabrics are nowadays available in online vintage clothing stores, and in a price range to suit all budgets.

Before you start looking for an item, the most important aspect of shopping for vintage clothes online is to determine your measurements. Since modern sizes rarely coincide with those of the vintage items, you need to know your exact measurements. Generally, you will find that online vintage clothes stores advertise in bust, hip, waist, length and shoulder measurements, and less in numbered sizes.

Secondly, you need to choose the online vintage clothing store carefully. While some sites function as a marketplace for buyers and sellers, others are actual online stores. Over the past years, eBay has gained a reputation as one of the best places for buying vintage clothes. If you are experienced enough with their auction system, you can even get great vintage clothing at bargain prices.

No matter which site you decide to use, you need to remember that you don’t have the option of trying the item on. So make sure you carefully examine all the pictures provided by the seller, and also take a close look at how the garment hangs on the model or mannequin. The majority of sites and sellers offer comprehensive descriptions about each garment listed, including measurements, whether it’s a small fit or large fit, damages and other unseen details. If you are unsure about the condition of an item, or if its condition is not described, it is better to ask your questions before buying.

When you buy vintage clothes online, you also need to remember that the color of the garment you see on your screen may not be the real one. Colors may be distorted by factors such as the flash of the camera or the lighting of the room where the picture was taken. Pay attention to the additional info on color in the item description, or contact the seller directly and ask for more references.

It is also recommended that you read all the lines in fine print before you choose to buy an item. When you buy vintage clothes online, just like anything else, you need to understand the terms of the sale, the shipping and handling, as well as the insurance details. Make sure the seller has a comprehensive return and exchange policy.

Additionally, print out a copy of the picture and the item description after you make the purchase. When your garment or accessory arrives and you take it out of the box, you will have a point of reference so that you can check all details in the description against the real thing.

If you have spent some time online and can’t seem to find what you want, remember to also check out those vintage clothing stores which do not seem your style. Many of these sites have useful links sections which could lead you to the item you are interested in. Besides this, you also have the option to contact the seller and ask about the item of your dreams. When you perform the search, the seller may not have their entire collection listed, or they may be able to give you directions for finding what you want in other online stores.

However, even if you’re buying a vintage clothing item online, expect to pay a fair price for it to the seller who has found it, restored it, cleaned it and steamed it out for display. While thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets may be a lot cheaper, you should take into consideration the fact that buying from reputable vintage clothing dealers often brings you more value for your money.

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